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I’ve been training as a value investor and I make a mental distinction between “investing” and “speculation”, that’s why the idea of “cryptocurrency investing” seems so ridiculous to me.

It’s more like gambling or trading in my head, since Bitcoin and all the other coins and tokens don’t seem to have much value and it’s just a game of “the greater fool”. I’m wagering that I won’t be the biggest fool at this gathering, but only time and trades will tell.

I initially thought it was totally ridiculous to take part in this mania, but [continue reading…]

Catching You Up (and reviving this blog)

Lots has happened since my last post 7.5 years ago…

I’ll take a stab at giving you the Cliffs Notes version:

Started a company (2009)

Sold my share of the company since the direction of the company changed and wasn’t aligned with what I wanted to do (2010)

Took some time off to figure out what was next (2010)

Started working a corporate gig doing [continue reading…]

It’s amazing how much I have learned in a very short time about successful copywriter after reading books from great copywriters:

  • Ogilvy On Advertising
  • The Ultimate Sales Letter by Kennedy
  • Words That Sell
  • Tested Advertising Methods by Caples

They show you the formulas over and over again in these books and focus on the important stuff that makes the bank balance nice and fat. It’s not magic or artsy writing that make the cash registers ring, it’s simple stuff that’s as easy as [continue reading…]