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This site is for sharing my current projects, thoughts, ideas and experiences.

I’m always in the middle of learning new things, and sharing the useful bits of my experiences that could help others.

I’m 100% about “improvement”, so feedback and criticism (constructive is better) are welcome.

I live in Brooklyn Queens, New York, Miami and I’m into:

  • SEO (check out my DNA Evolved consulting site or look me up on LinkedIn to discuss a project)
  • Web analytics (previously Vimeo, Aol / Huffington Post before that)
  • Side projects for others (web analytics, web marketing, building websites and blogs), contact me to discuss how I can help with your project.
  • Side projects for myself (blogs, e-commerce sites and value investing)
  • Cars and bicycles (I have an idea bubbling of a project that involves a Chevy, an LSx engine and a turbo, stay tuned…)
  • Meditation

I’m a web and business “Swiss Army knife” (aka generalist), I know a little about A LOT:

  • Digital marketing (SEO, keywork research, site audits, link-building, outreach, content marketing)
  • Web analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe, heatmaps)
  • Web technology (CMS’s like WordPress, HTML/CSS)
  • Investing (my obsession and passion, I’ve been a Warren Buffett nut & value investor before it was cool)
  • Finance/business (my major) and Excel/spreadsheets
  • And a ton of other things….

What does all this make me?  It makes me a digital/business specialist.  Someone that can handle just about any small-to-medium scale web project on my own, or be a part of a massive project within a larger team.

I have a few projects of my own going on, mainly inspired by Tim Ferriss & Chris Guillebeau.

These guys taught me that it’s about choosing the lifestyle you want in advance and focusing on the few things that deliver the best results, while cutting out time and energy wasters that don’t matter to your bottom line or pushing your project forward in a meaningful way.

What’s critical is the willingness and desire to rethink your business and work, and make a conscious decision to balance work with doing the things you love, for me that’s spending time with my son, family & friends; practicing mindfulness, the occasional excursion and almost anything with two or four wheels propelled by human/gas/electric power!