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What I’m Doing Now

Updated June 16th, 2023, from my home in Miami, Florida (while hiding indoors due to the intense heat).

Currently going through a period of transition and figured I’d post this page and throw something up to share where I’m at and also to clarify some of my ideas (since it’s been a Draft page for years and wanted to hit “Publish”.

(I realize this probably isn’t the standard format for a NOW page, but bear with me as I work through some of this stuff and jump to the next “dot”.)

Since COVID it’s been a little nuts, right before COVID hit I was launching a food business. And because of the crap timing ended up folding that rather quickly.

And since then have been working on projects here and there, but nothing that I feel super connected to and mostly temporary or short term stuff to keep my skills sharp and add to my toolbox.

More recently starting thinking more deeply about what the next chapter will be and I’m weighing towards going back to a regular job after about 8 years of working for myself (also by myself for the most part).

I’m feeling a need for a more regular schedule, pay frequency, more time with people/co-workers sharing the same space (and far less Zoom, email, text as my main touchpoints), and also less breadth (since being a contractor and running my own business involves wearing lots of hats, which include LOTS of valuable time spent on administrative, sales, marketing tasks, in addition to the client deliverables that are actual billable hours). And since I don’t see myself running an agency with 10+ employees it’s not a path I want to continue on.

I’m the type of person who brings his work home with him and it consumes me at times, because of that I need to follow the type of work I get lost in a deep state of flow quite often and for me that’s usually something technical, which is why I love:

  • Researching and thinking about investments
  • Doing SEO (everything from audits, KW research, content planning and outlines, competitive research, on-site SEO, repair and recovery triage and lots of other areas of SEO)
  • Web Analytics (and understanding the ins and outs of the implementation and customizing tracking to be able to track and drive KPIs)
  • Analyzing and modeling in Spreadsheets/Excel (the business analyst and consultant in me)

Need to explore opportunities out there to find roles and companies that seem like a good fit to contribute to and grow together with.

Inspired by:

  • https://sivers.org/now
  • http://zenhabits.net/now/