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Catching You Up (and reviving this blog)

Lots has happened since my last post 7.5 years ago…

I’ll take a stab at giving you the Cliffs Notes version:

Started a company (2009)

Sold my share of the company since the direction of the company changed and wasn’t aligned with what I wanted to do (2010)

Took some time off to figure out what was next (2010)

Started working a corporate gig doing enterprise web analytics (2010)

Got married! (2011)

Went from one corporate gig to another that was slightly less corporatey (2013)

Had a son! (2013)

Moved from NYC to Miami, Florida (2014)

Left a corporate gig (2014)

Starting doing SEO & web analytics consulting and freelancing work (2015)

Moved a few times within Miami (Various)

Put my son in daycare (2016)

Bought an RV (2017)

Took my son out of daycare after realizing we want to spend more time together, especially since he didn’t like it (2017)

Spent the summer in the RV as a trial run (2017)

Gave up our apartment and moved into the RV full-time (2017)

Wrote this blog post (2018)

Now I feel better that you don’t think I was sitting around doing nothing these last 7.5 years.

I think that covers most major things and now you’re up to speed and we can reacquaint ourselves.

My promise to you is that my next post won’t take another 7.5 years.