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Hi All,

I decided to go forward with this blog and run with it.  My thoughts will be random and scattered, I will throw everything at the wall and we can see what sticks.

I arrived in Karma Guen a few days ago, the flight was direct to Malaga and it was an easy flight, the sweet girl at the ticket counter took it upon herself to move my seat since she said I would be sitting between a baby and I’m assuming her mother.  Oddly enough I totally crossed paths with the lady at the ticket counter, but can’t place where, I’m thinking high school or Nassau Community college, her name was Elaine and I will be searching my yearbooks when I get back home.  Back to the story, instead of being between a baby I was within earshot of 3 babies that seemed like they had organized shifts among themselves to take turns crying, but one baby was pretty cute and had a curly mohawk, so no hard feelings.  Seriously though, the flight was great, I had my favorite plane beverage, bloody mary mix, it’s like tomato juice with a KICK!!

As we descended 7 hours later to land in Malaga I got to witness the beautiful southern coast of Spain, when I got a little closer I saw a [continue reading…]