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Smoothie Recipe Help From Trader Joe’s

I was buying a bunch of groceries last-night at Trader Joe’s and struck up a conversation with the girl at the register ringing up my groceries about smoothies.

A little back story about my current smoothie ritual. I have been having smoothies pretty regularly for breakfast for the last month and been doing the same old banana strawberry deal and was aching for something new, enter the Trader Joe’s cashier!! She was telling me that while she was in Australia her roommate made her an amazing smoothie which was a little hearty and totally delicious, her secret ingredient was oats (like oats for oatmeal), I tried it this morning and it’s amazing, and on top of that I have oatmeal every now and then and don’t like the instant kind so I buy the whole oats that take a little while to cook. No more cooking oatmeal, I just popped about two tablespoons of it raw into my smoothie and it was super.

More smoothie experimenting and expansion of my smoothie repertoire to come!!