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My first post from Karma Guen Buddhist Course

Hi All,

I decided to go forward with this blog and run with it.  My thoughts will be random and scattered, I will throw everything at the wall and we can see what sticks.

I arrived in Karma Guen a few days ago, the flight was direct to Malaga and it was an easy flight, the sweet girl at the ticket counter took it upon herself to move my seat since she said I would be sitting between a baby and I’m assuming her mother.  Oddly enough I totally crossed paths with the lady at the ticket counter, but can’t place where, I’m thinking high school or Nassau Community college, her name was Elaine and I will be searching my yearbooks when I get back home.  Back to the story, instead of being between a baby I was within earshot of 3 babies that seemed like they had organized shifts among themselves to take turns crying, but one baby was pretty cute and had a curly mohawk, so no hard feelings.  Seriously though, the flight was great, I had my favorite plane beverage, bloody mary mix, it’s like tomato juice with a KICK!!

As we descended 7 hours later to land in Malaga I got to witness the beautiful southern coast of Spain, when I got a little closer I saw a golf course and then…..  an Ikea!!

Ikea Surprise

As the entire plane waited for the Spanish Ministry of Health Services (who came on the plane with face masks to avoid getting Swine Flu from the gringos)  completed picking up the papers we filled out with contact and seating information, just in case a breakout out occurred which they would then attempt to rummage through thousands of loose pieces of paper to determine who was seated next to who on the plane and the most likely to be infected in an effort to contain the swine flu!!  Totally hilarious.  After that whole bag of fun we “deplaned” (the airline industry uses that term, I think it funny, I depantsed) and got my passport stamped and oddly enough I either forgot to stop at customs to have my bags checked or they were on break because I met George from Germany, holding a Karma Guen sign who welcomed me with a hug and the Kagyu forehead touch!

We later realized that George gets asked the same questions all the time since he volunteered for the airport pickup job and that we should record the Q&A and then before we allow any new visitors to talk we would have them listen to the recording first and then if there are questions tha were not answered then the newly arrived Kagyu can ask the question 😀  This is all in good fun!!

The people are great here and party, work, and meditate very much.  An immense amount of preparation goes into organizing an event of an estimated 1500+ people and it’s a pleasure to work and practice besides the whole group that is growing each day.

If you come here be sure to bring chocolate, I brought about 10 bars from NYC, half of them were originally from Europe (Swiss) and they were very happy when I returned them to the land they are used too, first Europe and then the stomachs of a few Germans, Hungarians, Russians, Spanish and Polish.  I love diversity, lots of languages are spoken here.

Since I did not post the first few days I am just rambling on and trying to remember some things and type them out before I forget them.  This will get the ball rolling and then afterwards I will attempt to post every few days with more recent and exciting stuff.

The Stuppa is so amazing and powerful, the team finished repainting it the second day I was here and it is gorgeous and bright and making the wishes of many come true as well as serving as protection from the south.

I made plenty of wishes for lots of people I know I love and I am wishing they all come true.

I visited the Gompa with Janna (sp?) from Czech who currently lives in London and it is such an overwhelmingly pleasing expience to enter and take in the entire Gompa, the doors and it’s frame look handcarved and very solid with a little Buddha figure to the right and then you walk in and look to your right and see a 10 foot plus golden statue of the Buddha and to his left is a similarly huge, but not as huge, golden statue of the 16th Karmapa.  All the walls are painted with amazing imagery of the Buddha and his life, along with many other forms which I am learning the names of and hoping that I remember a quarter of them.  It took Rinpoche/Painter a year to get to the 90% completion that it is in now and will take some more effort by the Rinpoche in the Spring to complete the painting.

There is a magnificent view of the garden and beyond that the mountains when you look outside the back of the Gompa.  Everyone has to come and see it for themselves.  They are currently working on the sound system so everyone will hear what is being said by the Karmapa, Lamas and Rinpoches to come and that is why we have not yet meditated in the big Gompa, but the small Gompa in the house is fantastic and you can hear the birds singing while light pours in and you meditate in a nice cozy space with people and amazing energy flowing through us all.

The powerfield of all of Karma Guen is something to be felt and not explained in words, but you truly KNOW when you are here.

We party too!!

I’m slowly adding to my Amitaba’s.

Current Mantra Count: 48,816 & 62,295 to go.

I was told if I did not complete them it is okay and I can complete them afterwards, send me wishes that I will complete them and I am sending you all wishes as well.

It’s Karmapa’s dads, Mipham Rinpoche’s, birthday today and some lovely Dakinis made 3 cakes for the party we are going to celebrate at 5pm local time!!  A yak (from Tibet) stew was made for him as well, I’m going to pass on that and leave room for cake!! Yak yak yak!