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Baby Chicks For Sale Pompano Beach – Brown Egg Layer Hens


Cute Female Baby Chicks for Sale in Pompano Beach, Florida (Broward County – Minutes from Fort Lauderdale)

**Limited Availability**


Breed: Cross between Rhode Island Red & White – that lay large to extra large brown eggs every day. They also start laying earlier than most other breeds

Price: $7 (discounts for 3 or more)

To learn how to purchase locally visit https://whole-world-foods.business.site/


Call/Text 305-912-4362

Very good egg layers that will lay one egg a day when they’re older if they’re loved, well taken care of and happy.

Local Brown Eggs Pompano Beach, Florida

Get Fresh Local Brown Eggs Of Your Own

Also great for learning about animals, farming, really understanding where good food comes from, being more independent

Excellent way to teach kids as well (while they’re home).

A fun pet that will make you delicious eggs for breakfast!


Local Curbside Pick-up in Pompano Beach, FL and near the following areas:

  • ~40 minutes north or downtown Miami, FL
  • ~20 minutes north of Hollywood, FL
  • ~15 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • ~20 minutes south of Boca Raton, FL
  • ~45 minutes south of West Palm Beach, Florida
  • ~20 minutes south of Delray Beach, Florida

Contactless pick-up also available upon request.

To learn how to purchase visit https://whole-world-foods.business.site/


Call/Text 305-912-4362

First come, first serve

When buying from Whole World Foods you’re supporting a local small business that operates an urban farm.